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Animal testing
research agency


We utilize an advanced system to diagnose and analyze animal diseases.


Disease diagnosis service

“Biod provides reliable and speedy diagnostic tests for animal diseases, with an emphasis on animal dignity.”

By converting disease diagnosis results to data, we can provide accurate and timely results that meet customer requirements, and by steering away from simple disease diagnosis testing, we can conduct a wide range of animal disease tests, including histopathological tests, serological tests, genetic tests, microbiological tests, toxicological tests, antiviral and antibacterial substances, and biological agent evaluations.

By building networks with university institutions, other research institutions, laboratory animal-related companies, associated institutions, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary hospitals, industries, and farms, we are continuously developing technologies for professional and accurate diagnosis. Biod's expertise has been improved through the division of labor into a disease diagnosis team and an animal testing team, as well as the recruitment of necessary master's and doctoral level experts in veterinary medicine and microbiology.

Biod pledges to deliver accurate, professional, and speedy disease diagnosis services to establish itself as a leader in animal illness diagnosis research institutions.

Animal disease control system construction and consulting

“We implement an efficient disease management system for animals and provide consultancy services to resolve on-site issues.”

We intend to take the lead in addressing on-site diseases by systematizing the animal disease control system and dividing it into three stages: prevention, early termination, and post-management, and by establishing a control system that identifies problems and supplements the domestic control system.

Prevention: Quarantine prevention is established by educating farmers and surveilling important animal diseases.
Early Termination: Promoting early disease eradication by augmenting the national quarantine system with reality-based measures and supplying them on-site through the development of a professional workforce.
Post Management: Implementing biosecurity measures by providing more intense training and counseling to farms at which animal illness has occurred.